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About the Studio & Classes

The quality of art instruction was great. Explanations were clear,
the critiques were gentle but firm, and I felt free to experiment and make mistakes just to see what would happen.
- Linda Alwitt, student, 2004

Student Loretta Brunios & instructor Patricia Pelletier discuss technique.
We alternate between hitting the road to take in new sights and artmaking in the studio.

Every other day, we work in the studio in a relaxed environment where we have time to practice techniques and digest new sights and sounds. Students receive instruction in the mornings, view relevant art history slides and readings, and then draw, paint and write in the sunlit Prillard Studio or nearby sites. We often picnic in the studio courtyard.

Student sketches while floating down the Lot River by launch
When not in the studio, we tour the lush hills and dramatic river valleys of the Lot and the Dordogne to work on site. This area of France contains many medieval walled villages, cathedrals, and forts. The region also has many prehistoric caves which we will visit to see first-hand the earliest known human artistic expressions. We travel to the Musee Toulouse Lautrec in Albi in addition to visiting the studios of local contemporary artists. We shop in open-air markets and enjoy local cuisine.

To view samples of student work please click here.