St. Cirq La Popie

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Toulouse to live, Too Dada to Die

Southwest France/Midi-Pyrénée region

Student Suzanne Penn shares her sketchbook
  • Learn from experienced School of the Art Institute of Chicago faculty
  • Learn to draw, paint in watercolors and write expressively.
  • Integrate image and word in a sketchbook journal uniquely your own.
  • Be introduced to historical examples of artists’ sketchbook journals.
  • Live in St. Cirq La Popie, a 13th century cliff town.
  • Tour the beautiful Lot River Valley and enjoy its unique culture and cuisine.
  • Visit the ateliers of local artists.
  • Limited to 18 students
The Artist’s Journal in France offers excellent instruction from School of the Art Institute of Chicago faculty, congenial company, great food, charming historic accommodations and a relaxed atmosphere. Students of all skill levels are welcome. The faculty, with 20 years teaching experience, is prepared to challenge working artists as well as nurture beginners.
    Course Description

Historically, the sketchbook and journal were tools for the traveler-artist to capture fleeting impressions and to reflect on how it was to be a stranger in a strange land. In the tradition of these traveler-artists, students will develop a personal sketchbook/journal as we make our way through Southwest France, an area rich in cultural and geographic beauty. The course consists of individualized skill development in drawing, painting and writing with emphasis on personal narrative, integration of text and image, and experimentation with materials including watercolor, ink, collage and dry media. Work is done on site visits and in the Prillard studio.